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07 de julho de 2016

When people are disorganized

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A weekend getaway in a city 2 3 hours away can do the trick. It doesn’t have to be fancy you can book a cosy guest house or budget hotel and spend the weekend there. If you do this every other weekend, in no time you would have gotten familiar with a lot of cities in the country..

wholesale nba jerseys How Do You Know if a Child Is Traumatized?Antonieta Contreras, LCSW R, CCTP II, BCNAntonieta Contreras, a former banker/consultant, is a Gestalt psychotherapist with an MSW from NYU. After working with highly traumatized population, she got a specialization in Trauma Studies from the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapies (ICP) and on Human Sexuality from NYU School of Medicine. She maintains a private practice in NYC where she combines the different modalities that are concerned with trauma, Board Certified Neurofeedback clinician, and an EMDR consultant, as well as the contemplative techniques that she learned in India and from the Tibetan Buddhist traditions wholesale nba jerseys.

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