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25 de outubro de 2015

“We can’t have another price increase,” he said

His beef costs jumped from under $3 a pound to around $7 a pound.”We can’t have another price increase,” he said. CannerelliAnother temporary casualty: One of Central New York’s most celebrated burgers.The Power Play burger, with its combination of a half pound patty topped with sliced prime rib, has won numerous awards for Ale ‘N’ Angus Pub. But owner Randy Beach said it got to the point where the prime rib that topped each burger got too expensive to maintain the status quo.Beach considered raising the price $14, side included or scrapping both it and his prime rib cheesesteak sandwich off the menu.”It would be pretty bad if Ale Angus stops selling burgers,” Beach said.Learn how to grill an award winning burger with Syracuse’s burger experts (video)Your guide to the perfect backyard burger.Ultimately, in early June, Beach decided to reformulate the burger using a less expensive cut of roast beef.

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