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12 de setembro de 2016

We can combat and even prevent some of these with a

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cheap nba jerseys I not exactly sure why we still do this (and shout out to most of Arizona for avoiding it); I read it began as a way to make the most of natural light and conserve energy. Twice a year, the United States and much of the rest of the world back or forward, effectively gaining or losing an hour until we sort ourselves out. These time changes can throw us out of whack for a few days or so, and for many people it the end of Daylight Savings Time when we set our clocks back an hour that causes the most problems, probably because this is the time change that ushers us into the colder, damper, darker fall and winter months.Overeat and/or eat unhealthy foods and/or both (raises hand), which along with sleep problems and less physical activity can lead to weight gain and other associated health problems.Perform poorly at school or work.Become lethargic because they aren getting enough mental and physical stimulation.We can combat and even prevent some of these with a few tips for coping with the time change and adjusting to the change in weather.1. cheap nba jerseys

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