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04 de agosto de 2016

“Mexican media have reported that the Jalisco cartel

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cheap nba Jerseys china Priced between Rs. 2,499 and Rs. 22,999, the JBL Quantum range offers various designs, functions, and connectivity options, all focused around improving the gaming audio experience. Ypez Ortiz, 40, first made headlines for reportedly stealing more than $1 million worth of fuel a day from the many pipelines radiating from a government owned oil refinery in the city of Salamanca. His cartel became the most powerful of the country’s many fuel theft gangs, known as huachicoleros, and later branched out into other illegal enterprises, including extortion and local drug sales.In 2017, his group ran afoul of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, one of the most powerful criminal organizations in Mexico, led by Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, known as “El Mencho.”Mexican media have reported that the Jalisco cartel, which is a leading smuggler of methamphetamine and fentanyl into the United States, originally tried to make a deal with Ypez Ortiz: Keep the lucrative fuel theft business but allow Jalisco’s drug mules to ferry their product through the state.Ypez Ortiz not only rejected the offer, but also reportedly ordered the killing of the nephew of the Jalisco group’s leader, setting off a cartel war that has convulsed the state in violence.There were 3,540 killings in Guanajuato last year, a more than threefold increase since 2016.With 2,293 killings in the first half of this year, Guanajuato is on pace to set a new record. A video that appeared to be leaked from somebody present at the raid showed him, in a gray sweatshirt and tan work boots, being taken toward a helicopter by heavily armed security forces.Mexican Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo said Ypez Ortiz would be charged with organized crime and fuel theft.He was referring to the targeting of cartel capos, known as the “kingpin strategy,” which has been a key element of Mexican security efforts since 2006, when the country, aided by the United States, first deployed soldiers, marines and federal police officers in the war on the gangs.While some security analysts argue that such strategies helped stop Mexico from becoming a narco state, they also unwittingly unleashed a wave of violence as would be kingpins fought for control of cartels cheap nba Jerseys china.

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