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26 de junho de 2016

Ingram had the high total of 91 yards on 14 carries

I am quite fascinated by this theory of eating 3 5 times a day. I have been researching the life of Monks and the eating habit of people in the East. Just the other day I came across a video of a close to one hundred year old yogi who practices every single day and is fit and healthy as none of us! On that video he mentions that he only eats once a day and fasts for a few days after that.

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All of the backs enjoyed success running the ball too. Ingram had the high total of 91 yards on 14 carries, Sproles enjoyed 88 yards on only 12 carries, and Thomas clocked 5.7 yards per attempt with 57 yards on 10 tries. Granted it was the Indianapolis Colts, and they are bad, but they aren’t this bad are they? There wasn’t any resistance from the opening kick, so maybe the Colts really are this bad.

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