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23 de outubro de 2015

I was having symptoms I thought were connected to

Saturday afternoon has become Saturday evening, and from behind the 1930s cash register, employee Jesse McDaniel is directing people downstairs for tonight’s music. Inside 10 minutes, three different people ask if the rumors are true, if Viracocha will be closing. McDaniel points to an e mail list, tells them to be on the lookout for community meetings about how to keep it going..

On Saturday, I putting this notes column together, which is next to impossible with no games going on. On Sunday, thankfully, I exhale. And now on to next week.” The poor dear. In the mean time I be posting my learning process for all to see! I hope to eventually see you!Winnipeg is Good: Support Local Businesses!My husband and I love to dine out and all of our favourite places are small, locally owned restaurants. I also enjoy posting pictures of food on Instagram, and though it may seem a tacky habit in the eyes of some people, for me it is my way of showing appreciation and support for the restaurant. Whenever I post something, I am hoping that it encourages other people to try that place or make them aware that it even exists in the first place!.

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