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08 de setembro de 2015

How can a German company sell their product in Spain

Preparing for a second wave is prudent at this time. Alongside Dr. Rutul Dalal, UPMC medical director of infectious diseases, and Steve Leauber, Red Cross senior disaster program manager, are urging people to prepare by buying necessities without overbuying, maintaining social distancing and hygiene recommendations, avoiding contact with large masses of people and staying home whenever able to especially when sick..

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It may be true that technology made the world into a more manageable and easier market. However, selling your product in the international market can be tough, particularly when the audience don’t speak your language. How can a German company sell their product in Spain if they will not persuade the Spanish people in the Spanish language?.

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Similarities in geography and demography have caused a prolonged outbreak of Covid 19 in these countries, which is largely responsible for these three nations to be the ones hit worst in the world. The US is the world third largest country by geographical area, Brazil fifth, and India seventh. As the infection wanes in one part of the country, it waxes in another.

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