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20 de abril de 2016

He led the country through one of the most trying

I know I probably don tell you this enough but I love you just as you are, I chuckled a little when Matt he doesn say it enough when it was the complete opposite. I received compliments from him even when I was in sweatpants eating popcorn on the couch and he also loved to show me off. Not even millions of hate comments will ever change that okay? these comments are so overwhelming.

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Or I shut up and you fill in the blank. Like you said, every relationship is different. Only when you’re honest not just about an incident but also its context, and not just with each other but also with yourselves will you have any idea what a relationship is about.

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Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati H: MLB Reds S: Great American Insurance N: $75 million, 30 year signing for park that opens next year; replaces the 32 year old Riverfront Stadium, itself renamed Cinergy Field in 1996 for Cinergy Corp. C: Would be perfect if baseball were still the great American pastime. Heinz Co.

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