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06 de fevereiro de 2016

But, we can be okay with this bloodlust A time frame that left many commentators believing he had rushed his return.hamstring probably hasn pulled up as well as I would have liked and that not uncommon with hamstrings, just to get a little general awareness, Fyfe said.monitor that throughout the week. We a bit compromised with how much training we can do at the moment but I will do everything I can to be available for selection.cork will just take some time as well.saw the images this week of seeing him surfing with Mick Fanning, I not sure how rigorous he participated in the surfing action but this is a week after doing a hamstring, he said.Fyfe was terrific in the first half (against St Kilda) but when the game is on the line in the last quarter, he nowhere to be seen. I hope for Fremantle sake and Nat Fyfe sake that there isn an issue with that hammy.reckon it look pretty ordinary if you got an issue and you been out surfing.don get the obsession with AFL players doing extra curricular activities during the season.

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