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14 de maio de 2016

But I have no idea how to broach this subject

Set WeatherWith 7,671 JCP customers still in the dark in Warren County, we don’t need more rain or even a gust of wind, because the ground is saturated after Tropical Storm Isaias’ pounding earlier in the week.Franklin Township (1,364), Washington (1,320), Washington Township (1,036) and Mansfield Township (1,827) are the worse hit areas for power company customers Friday morning in Warren County, while Readington Township (1,945) remains a hot spot in Hunterdon, outage site figures show. Tuesday.Politicians are raising alarm bells about the slow return of electricity to New Jersey communities, but they have no power to change the weather.A flash flood watch indicates “multiple rounds of showers and thunderstorms producing locally heavy rain are possible through tonight,” the weather service office in Mount Holly, New Jersey, said.The Lehigh Valley and Hunterdon County but not Warren County are in the flash flood watch at this point. Adding the two Pennsylvania counties overnight “seemed prudent given they are some of the hardest hit areas with Isaias,” the weather service said in its forecast discussion.Lehigh, Northampton and Hunterdon counties are in a flash flood watch on Aug.The “unsettled pattern” early in the day is due to storms traveling from the southwest along a front stuck over the area, the weather service said.

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