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01 de abril de 2016

And their travels produced some piquant moments

Or you don get enough Lt Col promotions, so you don promote to Colonel as fast as you should. And I think Lt Col has been fairly high as well. The issue isn kicking them out once they reach a rank, but rather them deciding to get out before then.. The ACT Valuation Office own landlord has labelled the territory government increases to commercial rates as “grossly unfair”, after rates on the office own block skyrocketed from $100,000 to $1.4 million in three years following a revaluation. Evri Group has owned 220 Northbourne Avenue in Braddon since 2000, and has had the ACT government as a long time tenant. Finance manager George Cassimatis told an ACT Legislative Assembly inquiry the group did the government a favour by putting off a planned redevelopment of its Macarthur Avenue intersection block until the government new office building next to the ACT Assembly was built.

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